Karimi’s Turquoise Inlaying and Handicrafts products began its work from 2006 with the production of infrastructure for Enameling, Turquoise Inlaying, and Engraving and could able to place its position in a line of best producers of Iran.

This body could present its first Turquoise Inlaying products to the Market with extending and applying most skilled artists in this field and it has also acquired Mark of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI), Quality Management Certification (ISO 9001), brand registration, logo for Karimi’s Turquoise Inlaying and Handicrafts products also certification for top selected store and trust Logo to the handcrafts stores from handcrafts Syndicate and Tourism, Handcrafts and Cultural Heritage Organization and obtaining the license for workshop production from handcrafts organization gave this assurance to dear customers to buy the productions of this collection in convenience and quality and select them with high diversity attract fullness.

Other products from this collection include art or paintings on the copper that we could point out which is a survival and beautiful and considered a new work in the field of Handcrafts industry also the Khatam Kari on the dishes which is inlaid with Turquoise and copper based handcrafts that is also took into account as the honored and valuable art . (Hamid Karimi) is one of the top brands in the field of handicrafts with a distinct quality and is trying to position itself in the supply of quality and diverse products.

Hamed Karimi’s Turquoise Inlaying and Handicrafts products